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Home > Why choose Zinc alloy?

1, Zinc alloy die-casting features and advantage:

1-1, Good mechanical value

1-2, Stable size and precision(reach 0.3mm)

1-3, Good surface and can be different coated/plated.

1-4, Bear scretch for thin part

1-5, Low cost and long time for mould

1-6, Total Rcyclables

1-7, High precision and stability

1-8, Good conductivity

1-9, corrosion resistance

1-10, Shap in normal temperature and bond easy.

1-11, Good for platation


2, Low cost for high production heat mould and no-complex process.

2-1, Mould hanger cost low.

2-2, Flexible production speed: low, normal, high.

2-3, Good corrosion restistance.


Different Zinc Alloy Features:

No. 2 zinc alloy, It is high hardness and strongness in low alum zinc alloy, it include 3% copper that can make some change when aging, the changes include the size increase( 0.0014mm/mm for 20 years), low down extension and pressing. compare with 3# and 5#, 2# have good reep resistance(in high temperature or by external force) and abrasion resistance, can keep good hardness and strongness when aging. 2# can used for gravity casting, e.g.: metal mould or injection tool.


No. 3 zinc alloy, It is best choice for die-casting, it balance its physics and mechanical performance, 70% zinc alloy die-casting products use 3# because its good pressing and size stability, 3# also particularly suite for plated, coated, and chrome finishing.  


No. 4 zinc alloy, it is copper percent bewteen 3# and 5#, 4# can reduce mould sticking compare with 3# while also keep the same soft.   


No. 5 zinc alloy, It is more strongthe than 3#, and low soft, it not suitable for bend, or roll as 5# add 1% copper, also good for plated, coated, and chrome finishing. 


No. 8 zinc alloy, It is high temperature casting, usually used for gravity casting. if 3# or 5# can not do creep resistance enough, 8# would be another choice.