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Key Ring Strap

  • materials zinc alloy

Key Ring Strap

Betty Boop Key Ring,

Item No.: KC-001

30mm Key ring, zinc alloy pendant.

Chrome Plated with Rhinestones and Enamel.


Other plated available, i.e., silver, pearl nickle. gold.

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Key Ring Strap-Betty Boop

This site is the story of one woman's obsession with Betty Boop. It all started when I watched a few black and white cartoons, at a young, impressionable age. Before I knew it, I was hooked. When I was about 11, my Dad bought me a ceramic Betty Boop hula doll (she really wiggles!). She was my very first Betty Boop. Since then, my collection has expanded. My friends bring me Betty Boops from Mexico, where they're sold cheap. I even found Betty in France at a department store. I spent a load of money to collect every Betty Postcard made by Classico, and now they've come out with more! I have no will power when it comes to Betty, and I fear (hope) I'll be an addict for life. But when your kids are growing up, please show them Betty with care. She's awfully addicting.